Offset Your Electricity Bill

Not only does solar energy allow you to use a clean, renewable source of power it also helps reduce your bill and saves you money.

Take control of your energy

Homeowners all around the world have embraced solar energy to take control of their power. Reducing their reliance on the energy grid, solar panels have given homeowners a form of freedom from utility companies.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The residential federal solar tax credit (ITC) gives you a dollar for dollar reduction against your federal income taxes equal to 30% of the final cost of solar energy systems installed on your home. Go solar now before you lose out on thousands.

Average Savings on Electricity Bills

SRECs represent the green value of your electricity. For every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity generated by the solar panels on your roof you’ll earn 1 SREC, which you can sell to your utility to lower your energy bills even further. Prices may fluctuate but an SREC could be worth as much as $300.